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Prickly Plants

Monstera 'Thai Constellation'

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The most sought-after plant in the houseplanty kingdom? You said it.. not me!

The good news is Monstera Thai Constellation is surprisingly easy to care for with a few simple considerations. Well. Simple once you know them. It's also scarily easy to kill them with kindness, or what you think is the right thing to do, especially if you haven't owned a Monstera at all before. 

Unlike the more sectoral variegation (a fancy way of saying 'big sections'), of the Albo Borsigiana, the Thai Constellation is more speckled and flecked variegation, and thankfully, has stable variegation (the Albo doesn't). 

Your Thai will not revert to fully green leaves! Believe me, the Thai really wants to be variegated.

No helicopter parenting needed here. Time to change your watering ways. Think lightly moist, not wet!

10cm nursery pots.