• Vivienne

    Award-winning business owner and the brains behind Prickly Plants! In 2021, at age 19, Vivienne noticed a huge gap in the houseplant market in Cork and decided she would tackle the issue. She started making her own planters in her glasshouse in Carrignavar, Cork, and Prickly Plants has continued to flourish since! Vivienne is now based in Massachussetts, USA and is pursing a career in the music industry.

  • Laura

    Laura is our manager and is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to indoor plants. She has her own indoor jungle at home with over 100 plants, and is always at the ready to help you on your plant parent journey!

  • Michael

    Our ray of sunshine! Michael is always a welcoming and smiling face in the shop, and is always ready to help our customers find the perfect Prickly Plant for their needs!

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