YAYCORK - Indoor plants make people happy. Now there’s a new Cork shop devoted to them.

YAYCORK - Indoor plants make people happy. Now there’s a new Cork shop devoted to them.

Looking for an easy way to feel a little better?

Buy a houseplant and position it somewhere you can see it every day. It might sound basic, but studies show that simply being around plants can reduce stress and boost positivity levels while improving concentration and productivity – not bad for a humble ficus, right?

Inspired by the verdant Instagram feeds of internet ‘plantfluencers’, many of whom discovered that caring for plants gave them a sense of purpose during the lonely lockdowns of the past 18 months, more of us than ever are seeking out houseplants to add some life to our dusty corners and work-from-home desks.

From neon leaves to deep green fronds, bathroom jungles to windowsill arrangements, there’s a whole world of fun options to explore. People also want to know how to keep them alive, which is where experts such as Vivienne Sayers O’Callaghan at Prickly Plants in Little Island come in.

Vivienne (20) launched Prickly Plants as an Instagram business, graduating to a market stall selling exotic specimens in a glasshouse on the family farm in Carraig na Bhfear.

Now the shop is open every weekend (10am – 5pm) in a custom space in the Waterfront Business Park.

Expert advice is crucial. For instance, if you’re looking for a plant that will thrive in bright sunlight, a Calathea Orbifolia Forever might fit the bill. Shadier spaces are perfect for the Rabbit Foot Fern, which Vivienne maintains is “absolutely unkillable”.

“Whether you are a new homeowner, a beginner plant parent or someone who’s looking to bring a little bit of prickly pizazz to their home, we are here to assist you,” says Vivienne.

Prices start from just €6 so you can pick up affordable plants and build your indoor plant sanctuary slowly or go all out and take home a collection from day one.

If you can’t make it to Little Island at the weekend or you work there during the week, you can also make an appointment to visit Monday to Friday.

“Our in-person and online appointments are tailored to your requirements and allow us to guide you through your special plant purchase.”

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