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1. Monstera Thai Constellation



The most sought-after plant in the houseplanty kingdom? You said it.. not me!

The good news is Monstera Thai Constellation is surprisingly easy to care for with a few simple considerations. 

Unlike the more sectoral variegation (a fancy way of saying 'big sections'), of the Albo Borsigiana, the Thai Constellation is more speckled and flecked variegation, and thankfully, has stable variegation. Your Thai will not revert to fully green leaves! Believe me, the Thai really wants to be variegated.

No helicopter parenting is needed here. Time to change your watering ways. Think lightly moist, not wet!



2. Variegated String of Pearls

A variegated string of pearls is a beautiful rare trailing succulent with leaves resembling peas. The leaves are green in colour with white or cream streaks that provide a unique look. Since it is a trailing succulent plant, you can grow it in hanging pots.

As a general rule of thumb, a string of pearls succulent can handle more dry soil as it is a succulent. So wait for the topsoil to be completely dry between waterings.  One of the ways you can tell that your plant is thirsty is when some beads start to look a little shrivelled like a raisin! This is when you should water her.


3. Maranta Light Veins


Maranta 'Light Veins' is a relatively new cultivar and a highly sought-after houseplant from the prayer plant family! The oval leaves are a medium green with prominent, lime green to yellow veins parting from the middle vein along the whole length of the leaf.


4. Philodendron White Wizard


The philodendron white wizard is a notoriously beautiful variegated philodendron that has boomed in popularity and price the last few years.

Water it when the top 50% of the soil is dry, check it once a week with your finger. Do not overwater it! Leave it for another week if in doubt, as they are really sensitive to over-watering.

Give it bright indirect sunlight, they’ll be ok a bit further back from the window too. No direct sun. They want as much indirect sun as you can give them to really encourage growth and bring the best out of their variegation, but the variegated areas can burn easily in direct sun, so off to the side of a bright window is a great place for them.

What is the difference Between Philodendron White Princess Vs White Wizard? The white wizard green stems, and bigger more defined areas of green and white variegation with more rounded leaves. The white princess has bigger, more pointed leaves. 


5. Philodendron Gloriosum


It's little wonder that hundreds of philodendron species are popular houseplants. Prized for their heart-shaped foliage, these tropical plants are typically easy-to-care-for and adding a few will help transform your space into an indoor jungle.

As with many philodendron species, don't fuss over your low-maintenance gloriosum too much. Overwatering and overfertilizing are common problems for this plant, leading to foliage discoloration.


6. Monstera Borsigiana Variegata Albo


This Picasso of the indoor plant world has a rare beauty!

The variegated monstera – Monstera deliciosa albo-variegata – is the ultimate hype plant. It’s rare, which in the plant world makes acquiring one of these like possessing a Picasso. As a variegated plant, it requires light – but opt for bright indirect sunlight. 


7. Jewel Orchid


This is a simple and easy indoor plant to care for. When it's time for the plant to flower, the growths will each produce a flowering spike that grows upwards quickly. Once ready the flower buds will open and show off many little white flowers which certainly create a lasting impression.

The Jewel Orchid is easy to propagate and grows to a large saleable size quickly.


8. Variegated String of Hearts


Variegated String of Hearts or Ceropegia Woodii variegata is a unique plant for artistic gardeners who need something extra than the classic green in their plants. This plant is not just variegated, but it has pink variegation!

This is a beginner-friendly plant, and it’s recommended for lazy gardeners too.


9. Scindapsis Treubii Dark Form 


Scindapsus treubii ‘Dark Form’ is a cultivar of Scindapsus treubii characterized by lovely lance-shaped, glossy, dark green, or nearly black leaves. It is a rare, slow-growing climbing vine that requires low maintenance or care.

In your house, let your Scindapsus treubii dark form climb on a trellis, moss pole, or brass plant support. Some people love shingling it on a flat surface. It will look adorable. Alternatively, you can grow them on a handing basket, letting them cascade downward, or on a pot and let them trail on a horizontal surface. A shelf, desktop, cabinet top, and so on will be ideal.



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