Low maintenance plants for every room

Low maintenance plants for every room

By Vivienne Sayers O’Callaghan

Are you looking to begin your indoor garden journey with plants you can actually keep alive? Jump straight into plant parenthood with these five low maintenance houseplants.

Office - Succulents and cacti

I can (un)officially say that these plants thrive off neglect! Succulents and cacti are a simple and colourful way to add a bit of personality to your home and are the best plant for those of you with a limited green thumb. Depending on the type of succulent, they can thrive in the lowest of light environments or in direct sunlight. You can also purchase a few baby succulents and arrange them in glass jars to make your own terrarium! Each of the plants, tools, and plant foods outlined can be purchased at Cork’s newest indoor plant shop called Prickly Plants. We are open every weekend, ready with help and advice in Waterfront Business Park in Little Island.

Living room - Monstera Deliciosa/Swiss cheese plant

A statement piece for any room. These are one of the most popular, beautiful and easy to grow houseplants available and often the first plant of any novice plant parent! Your Monstera will thrive almost anywhere, but from our experience, bright indirect sunlight will help her flourish. Water her once a week with an appropriate amount of water during the growing season - when the first inch of soil in the pot is dry to the touch. If you would like to improve your indoor plant’s growth rate you can feed them once every two-three weeks during the growing season.

Kitchen - English Ivy

This plant is a classic for a reason! Ivy is the most undemanding and forgiving vine to add to your kitchen shelf. This lush plant requires minimal care and will thrive with just one watering a week and medium to bright indirect sunlight. Use an appropriate amount of water to evenly soak the soil. If you are unsure of water quantities, water meters are available to help you out. Like many other houseplants, the ivy does not require warm temperatures and will grow lush in colder areas of the house. Ivy is also considered one of the clean air plants (NASA research); it can reduce mould and improve air quality.

Bathroom - Sansevieria (snake plant)

The Snake Plant is literally indestructible... really! I often have customers telling me that they only water their snake plants once every two months... and I believe them (though I don’t recommend it!). If you’ve never had houseplants around your home, then this is the one for you. The plant can deal with the lowest of bathroom light conditions but can also deal with the direct sunlight of a conservatory. She can improve the air quality in your home too. You can’t go wrong!

Bedroom - Parlour Palm

The Parlour Palm gives a boost of elegance to any floor, shelf or sill. This is a personal favourite but takes a little more care. They are happy in medium to bright indirect light but make sure not to expose her leaves to too much sun as the leaf tips will go brown. Water her once every one or two weeks and enjoy her air purifying qualities. The parlour palm is also nontoxic and pet friendly. If you have dogs and cats (or children!) that eat your houseplants, this is for you. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @Prickly_Plants_ or visit us at PricklyPlants.ie.

Vivienne Sayers O’Callaghan is the owner and manager of Prickly Plants.

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